Savin' you Soybeans!

Published May 6, 2019  

     Soybeans are one of the largest commodities in the US, which makes farming them a lucrative career choice in the ag industry. But soybean farming doesn’t come without its own challenges. Tariffs on Chinese trade have destabilized the soybean markets, pigweed infestations are spreading at an alarming rate across the US, and recent flooding in parts of the Midwest have spelled disaster for many farmers. In order to responsibly handle these external challenges, many farmers look to innovate their daily practices to increase their yield while reducing costs.

     The majority of soybean farmers nowadays opt to use an air-seeder for planting. They’re reasonably priced for the job they perform; however, the technology doesn’t produce the maximum crop yield you could be getting from your seed. One of the most common problems farmers run into from their air seeders is the “V” shaped seed formation when starting out on your first row. In order to make up for the lost ground, the farmer must double back and replant that entire strip, often over-crowding the seed already laid down. Which brings us to another problem altogether; over-seeding in general. No matter how precise the farmer is, they will still end up losing a percentage of yield from overlapping at the sides of each row.

     Fortunately, an emerging technology called IntelliDrive can mitigate seed loss due to over-planting while at the same time increasing the yield of your entire crop. For those of you with a John Deere 1690 or 1990 air seeder, a quick 2-3 hour install is all it takes to eliminate that pesky “V” shape at the beginning of your crops. Not only does the attachment allow you to shut specific rows on & off, but it also utilizes GPS technology to precisely track the flow of seed down each row made and automatically stops flow from areas that have already been planted. The software is easy to use and can be viewed on any ISOBUS display, allowing you to calibrate, track and monitor any blockages/malfunctions throughout the system.

     However, the technology would be irrelevant without the numbers to back it up. Soybean farmers who have installed Intellidrive see an average of 10-12% savings on their seed, and some have even seen a whopping 35% in savings!


One happy customer had this to say, “The ground drive was unreliable, there was no doubt that the Intellidrive fixed that. And the seed saving was 10-15% easily, that's by far our favorite part”. And while there are hundreds more happy Intellidrive customers out there, we would love for you to be one of them!

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