Should Producers Start Thinking About Growing and Marketing Crops That Help to Combat Inflammation?

Published Sep 8, 2021 in North American Ag  

Today Chrissy Wozniak speaks with Dr. James Hebert about the Dietary Inflammatory Index™ (DII®), what it measures, how it helps people live healthier lives and how food can be used as an anti-inflammatory aid. 

Connecting Health Innovations (CHI) was founded in 2013 as a spinoff from the University of South Carolina to focus on leveraging the work spearheaded by Harvard-educated Dr. James Hébert on the effects of inflammatory diets on health in the commercial markets.  Dr. Hébert is the inventor of the Dietary Inflammatory Index™ and through the company, offers a growing variety of products and services to combat dietary inflammation and improve health and wellness. 

Their goal is to reduce chronic inflammation and improve overall health for the entire world’s population.  As such, they are developing a suite of proprietary tools to educate individuals about the epidemic of inflammation and help them make better decisions about food. 

To learn more about CHI, visit their website here:

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