Soybean Fungicides: Frogeye Leaf Spot at R3? Septoria Brown Spot at R5? Is Topguard the Best?

Published Dec 27, 2021 

Here on AgFuse, I’ve responded to a number of AgAnswers questions regarding soybean fungicides, management practices, and the general history of soybeans being farmed in America. I thought I’d round up these answers together so they’re conveniently linked in one spot. 

Here you'll see helpful pointers for identifying the symptoms of frogeye leaf spot, applying the right fungicides prudently, and adjusting your management practices for overall optimization.

Here's an introductory look at understanding efficacy ratings, being aware of multiple diseases in your fields, factoring in your crop rotation, and avoiding resistance.

Here's a helpful review of the disease itself, symptoms to look for, fungicide treatments to consider, timing to pay attention to, and general management practices that will further support your operation.

Here’s some bonus content for those interested in learning more about America’s history of soybean farming.  

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