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Corn gluten hydrolysate - SURNAN

Science in Natural Growth - SPAA Srl Italy

Published Dec 21, 2022 

SPAA srl is a solid and innovative Italian company operating in the field of plant nutrition. Constantly investing in research and development, especially of natural raw materials, and in innovative processes and product methodologies to make the  formulations increasingly effective and with minimal or no environmental impact. The industrial project, started in 2005, arose from the conviction that great resources and potential of the natural world could be used, transformed and returned to nature and man in the form of sustainable technical means to support the agricultural production. SPAA Srl produces biostimulants, basic substances, fertilisers and metabolites produced by fermenting consortia of selected microrganisms to support a sustainable integrated and organic production. 

The strength of SPAA Srl always has been their products’ quality obtained thanks to their R&D and the capacity to respond to all needs of agriculture because of a great agronomic experience, on all crops, of over 20 years.

The flagships are their Biostimulants, specifically SURNAN®, a 100% vegetable protein hydrolysate obtained from corn gluten proteins by means of a proprietary and patented technology (registered at REACH CAS number 639814-42-9), SURNAN S® which includes elementary Sulphur and the Biocontrol line which includes plant extracts and several micro-organism-based products, just to mention a few. 

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