Published Nov 14, 2021 

Real Bridging Finance Limited provides both structured and project finance. Structured finance allow us to securitized assets, to leverage asset values to the value or the assets and amount of the needed capital . Whereas Project Finance encompasses all off-balance sheet sources of funding, not only securitized sources. As an example we broadly categorize the sources of finance for new assets into balance sheet financing and project financing.

We have used both structured and project financing projects in energy, minerals, and technology. We work on projects with the idea of the result in mind to then properly putting the project together.

A sale-leaseback monetizes a company’s real estate assets, freeing up capital to invest in its higher-returning core business, or pay a dividend to shareholders. It can also be a lucrative option for buying back corporate stock, paying down debt, or simply reallocating capital into more productive uses.

Tax Deferred Transactions are structured in compliance with IRC § 1031 and FASB ASC 842, and formulated to optimize value, and obviate necessity of acquiring a replacement property.

Real Bridging Finance Limited has deep expertise in structure and placement of tax deferred sale-leaseback finance. If your company is considering a sale-leaseback, or if you would simply like a “no obligation” analysis to ascertain competitive terms and structures, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We provide a fully integrated lending and markets platform, which means we can originate, structure and execute all structured finance debt, whether this is public or private capital markets or bank lending. We provide innovative alternative financing solutions that can take a standard or more complex transaction from inception through to its completion.

We work alongside the project finance teams to identify and structure transactions that may benefit from access to alternative structures and sources of capital. These may be in addition to the bank's own balance sheet and often include access to both private and public institutional markets.

We can arrange private placements with third-party institutional investors, whether standalone or in combination with the bank, using hybrid financing in which we would also act as lender. We also undertake standalone ratings advisory particularly in the context of product-neutral financial advisory.

Portfolio Management

We provide agency, security trustee, and account bank services. By developing relationships with both borrowers and lenders, we ensure client transactions go as smoothly as possible, while making it easier to resolve problems and minimise risk.

In our roles as agent, account bank, and security trustee, our portfolio management team develops relationships with both borrowers and lenders. This means transactions can be implemented more efficiently.

Actively engaging the borrower and providing guidance and feedback on how to approach lenders also leads to more effective relationships with syndicate lenders. Should difficulties arise, this proactive engagement makes it easier to resolve them quickly.

Client Focused

We have extensive experience in dealing with combined export credit agency and multilateral financing where we look to undertake the main coordinating role, such as inter-creditor agent, or global facility agent on complex transactions.

We also monitor the construction, progress, and operational performance of these projects from an internal risk perspective. We manage our portfolio of assets pro-actively in order to mitigate any potential risk of loss.

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Nov 14, 2021


Real Bridging Finance Limited provides both structured and project finance. Structured finance allow us to securitized assets, to leverage asset values to the value or the assets and amount of the needed capital. Whereas Project Finance encompasses all...

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