The AgEmerge Podcast driven by Ag Solutions Network

The AgEmerge Podcast driven by Ag Solutions Network

Published Sep 13, 2022 

The AgEmerge Podcast has been dropping knowledge from experts every other Tuesday for three years and there are no signs of slowing down. Many entertaining and educational podcasts have come and gone in the agriculture world. But what began as an event follow up, has become a staple to listeners and part of the day to day operations for Ag Solutions Network.

The team at Ag Solutions Network held its inaugural AgEmerge Event in January 2019 where so much good information and new ideas were shared, the attendees and speakers asked for additional follow up conversations. A few audio recordings later, the podcast began. Today, the AgEmerge Podcast is also available on YouTube, and is approaching the 100th episode.

Two guests in particular stand out for President of Cross Creek Ag Solutions, Brad Downing said. “One was Dr. Michelle Perro and the other was Dr. Stephanie Seneff of MIT. These two podcast guests link together what we’re trying to do on the farm from a food safety and health perspective. Those don’t match up for everyone and they should,” Brad said. “When looking at farming from a soil to crop to human health connection, you can’t help but listen in and learn what can be done differently.”

Ag Solutions Network and the AgEmerge team understand that even considering, let alone implementing change doesn’t come easily.

“The podcast has challenged my own paradigms,” Ag Solutions Founder, CEO and AgEmerge Podcast host Monte Bottens said. “I don’t always align with a guest’s eating choices or farming perspective, but after interviewing each person, I’m left with a few more questions and ideas to put into play in my life and farming practices.”

The AgEmerge Podcast driven by Ag Solutions Network

Image: Monte Bottens CEO of Ag Solutions Network hosts the AgEmerge Podcast 062 with Blaine Hitzfield of Seven Sons Farms.

More than 1,700 listens occur each month for the podcast and listeners have heard from human nutritionists, soil researchers, university professors, agronomists, ag technology gurus, supply chain professionals, legendary scientists, robotic laser weed developers, regenerative ranchers and trusted farmers willing to share their lessons learned and successes surrounding soil health.

Monte said, “We’ve had some amazing people graciously provide their expertise on the podcast. I’m always impressed with their insights, dedication to their field of study or business, and thankful they continue to break down silos surrounding agriculture.”

The AgEmerge Podcast is produced by Ag Solutions Network’s Training and Sales Support Director, Kim Sheese. She works diligently to ensure top quality sound and video for each episode and said she loves learning from the guests herself.

“I like to think we’re giving folks a place to share their story and discuss their thinking and work,” Sheese said. “When I joined ASN, I didn’t know much about regenerative ag so I had a lot to learn and just like many others I used YouTube University to watch folks like Gabe Brown who were really trailblazing this path.” She added, “Then, getting the chance to meet and listen first hand to some of these legends is really an honor for me because they have shared all their ups and downs very candidly and it’s awesome to meet and talk with such genuine people.”

Monte makes an effort to ask unique questions of the podcast guests so listeners are hearing more about the “Why”, the guest’s crossroads to today, and better understand how they are adding to the soil health, ag tech, farm business or agriculture research. Podcast guests explain how they “Fear the Same” and talk about what they’re doing differently than most to expand soil health, crop health, livestock health, and ultimately, human health.

Indiana farmer and avid podcast listener, Isaac Greeson tunes in to the AgEmerge episodes often. He said his favorite guest so far has been Dwayne Beck, featured in episode 049. “It's hard to beat Dr. Beck. I always enjoy listening to him because I think as a farmer he always brings stuff back to a very practical place. He's able to communicate practices and principles clearly.” Isaac added that he enjoys how the AgEmerge podcast highlights diversity of backgrounds and perspectives, saying, “It makes me more aware of what's going on in the regen ag space especially from a tech perspective.”

Curious about what we’re touting? Visit any of the top five episodes to date and then go find another episode featuring a topic you’re interested in from stacking farming enterprises with Dr. Allen Williams in episode 90, or learn why Seth Watkins made changes to his farm for his family’s health in episode 67.

Top Five AgEmerge Podcasts:

Ag Solutions Network and the AgEmerge Podcast team hope you’ll continue to add to the 35,000 and counting lifetime listens. Stay tuned for episodes launching every other Tuesday, including a full-length version of Gabe Brown to celebrate our 100th episode in January 2023.

The AgEmerge Podcast driven by Ag Solutions Network

Image: AgEmerge Podcast Episode 090 featured Dr. Allen Williams of Understanding Ag, the Soil Health Academy and Regenified.

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