The Benefits of Farm Flight Stand Counts

The Benefits of Farm Flight Stand Counts

Published Feb 21  

Agriculture is one of the most competitive markets in the world, and in competitive markets every decision matters. Every season, farmers are faced with choices that can make or break their harvest, and oftentimes there is not much data available to help in the decision making process. Farm Flight’s goal is to help farmers mitigate risk when making these crucial decisions with the use of machine learning and drone technology. This technology is now making information that was never accessible, available to everyone.

One of the many services that Farm Flight can offer to farmers are stand counts. With a proven 98% or higher accuracy rate, farmers no longer need to guess what the end result of their crop will be. With a simple 20 minute flight, farmers can find out exactly how many plants they have growing in their fields and can plan accordingly. For example, one farmer that worked with us wanted to estimate his yields and find out how much money he would be making. Using our machine learning technology, we were able to count over three hundred thousand heads of Iceberg Lettuce in less than fifteen minutes. Using this information, we were able to help put his mind at ease and give him the confidence to make difficult financial decisions.

This is just one of the many ways that we can help farmers. To see the different solutions that we can offer to agricultural workers visit or give us an email at .

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Feb 21

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