The challenge of producing raspberries with export potential

The challenge of producing raspberries with export potential

Published May 26, 2022 

Berry exports are still meager and their crops barely reach 100 hectares throughout the country. However, there is a great opportunity for growth in the US market.

It is just the first steps. To date, Peruvian raspberries have only been exported in small samples to different countries, for amounts not exceeding US$5,000. However, this situation could change if the product enters the United States, the main partner of Peru’s agro-export sector. According to the Foreign Trade Society of Peru (Comex Peru), work is currently being done on the subject, with the aim of encouraging growth in the production of the fruit.

According to the international adviser on berry cultivation , José Cordero, the Peruvian raspberry could follow a route similar to that of blueberries, the flagship product of the country’s agro-export basket. “In addition, the entry of the Peruvian raspberry into the United States would cause the interest in investing in this crop by Peruvian agro-industrialists to increase exponentially,” he says.

If they were to enter that market, Peruvian agro-exporters would have Mexico as their main competitor, which accounts for 99% of US raspberry purchases. In 2019, the US imported raspberries from Mexico for a total of US$1.36 billion, an increase of 20% compared to the previous year. “This increase has been constant since 2017 and it is estimated that it would continue in this line, an aspect that would be very beneficial for Peruvian raspberries and, in general, for the national agro-export basket,” highlights the advisor.

It should be noted that the main destinations for Peruvian raspberries in 2019 were Europe (70% of the total volume exported), Panama (19%) and Canada (11%). Regarding its prices, Spain registered the highest with US$ 6.89 per kilo. The UK ($5.43) and the Netherlands ($4.33) followed.

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