The Magic of GroALoe

Published May 25, 2018  

Sometime ago (60+) Bill Coats R. Ph., C.C.N. began doing research on Aloe Vera.  As time past he began experimenting with lotions and handing them out free from his pharmacy.  Most products on the market today can give thank to Bill Coats.  His first patent was the stabilization of the active ingredients in Aloe Vera, followed by the first Aloe Vera plantation and the first Aloe Vera products on the commercial market.

This insight is what has lead to the patented process to create GroAloe.  Though we are at the beginning stages of what GroAloe's impact will have on the agricultural market, from what we have seen through controlled trials and actual use, the door is wide open.

What we can talk about is his legacy.  Not that he was the first in many of the advances with the development of Aloe Vera but what impact he will have on  agriculture.  The elimination of toxic chemicals, higher yields and not to mention the impact that it could have on the agricultural development in third world countries. Each year we loose 50% of rice crops to diseases; fungus , mold and bacteria's.  What if you could change that with an organic product that helps plants defend themselves against these types of plagues and reduce fertilizer use?  A product that you measure in PPM and not by truckload.

Ask yourself, is it worth poisoning our children with some of the chemicals used today.  We have to move towards a more sustainable agricultural market.  Is GroAloe all that it can be?  Bill Coats answer is: "I don't know".  But in the end it does not hurt to try.  Try it on an acre, no loss no foul.  If you follow the protocols, the worse thing that can happen is that you have greener healthier and higher yielding crops from that acre. 

Not to sound like a snake oil salesman, but I have seen it with my two eyes and I have read the reports from Texas A&M AgriLife Research Center, and the Indonesian Rice institute IRRI.  I will be more than happy to share this data with you.  Is this the end all end all.  I do not know.  Do we know how aspirin really works?  No, but we take it don't we?

Check around on the Internet, write to me.  They have banned certain pesticides in Europe this year due to the impact on bee populations.  Ask yourself what are you going to do now or in the near future.  I will state this again; GroAloe is not a phytosanitary product, it is a soil amendment that helps plants grow greener, healthier and produce  more.  No mysteries here.  Have you ever consumed Aloe Vera juice?  Not the best tasting stuff in the world.  Well we think pest have the same problem, they just do not like the taste. 

For about the cost of the "Burger Menu" at the local fast food, you can buy a 11gr package to test on a small plot or several trees to see if it works for you.  We do have larger quantities;  Bulk, 1kg bags, 1gal liquid (US Only) and the small 11gram sachets.

Thanks for reading, and if you have any questions please write to me.  If I do not have the answer for you I will put you in contact with the man himself Bill Coats.