Tips for Improving Your Off-Grid Storage Building

Updated Mar 28 

Storage is one of the most important parts of any business or residence. Good storage allows you to keep your work separate from your house while also protecting it during the time you can't be directly around it.

How do you improve your off-grid storage building? These are the top tips to keep in mind moving forward.

1. Keep Moisture Out

If you're storing anything from grain to machinery, you need to keep moisture at bay. Using warehouse insulation, waterproof paint, and other details will help to a point, but they can only get you so far. Instead, make sure the entire HVAC or vent system is built to stop moisture from getting in.

Adding details like drainage throughout the building can also help by giving water somewhere to go when there's an abundance of it.

Remember water when you're building your store, and make sure it's away from rivers and high enough that it's not at risk of flooding under any reasonable circumstances.

2. Good Security Measures

Security is king! If your storage isn't secure, it isn't useful. This is especially important when it's off-grid, and you're not able to watch a live feed of it at all times. You should still put up cameras and try to find a brand that allows internet connection via satellite so you'll be able to check in from time to time.

Adding a fence around your storage building is a great first step; from here, you need to make sure every door is heavy-duty and that the locks on them can handle anything you throw at them.

3. Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is one of the top concerns for any off-grid building. Adding solar panels to your facility allows you to gain access to energy while still staying green. Energy-efficient buildings are valued higher, save a lot of money, and will enable you to let them maintain themselves a little longer without concern.

Remember to check your power usage and still maintain the power panels, or this is an expensive waste of money.

4. Great Insulation

Insulation can do everything from hampering loud noises to keeping out insect life, keeping temperatures comfortable, and even blocking moisture. Get the best warehouse insulation you can, being sure to invest in a brand with great reviews from customers with buildings similar to yours.

Use insulation everywhere from ceiling to crawlspace, and check on it every one to two years to make sure it’s in good shape and working well.

5. A Strong Exterior

The exterior of your storage building needs to be as strong as possible. This ranges from b-decking to your roof, your siding, and more. Beyond driving moisture down and out, you need to keep it safe from animals, insects, and people.

Animals and insects may try to get into it for a safe and comfortable place to get away from the weather, but people will want access for worse reasons. Make sure your building is air-tight and that you have multiple locks with as few copies of keys or codes as possible.

6. Simple Access

Although you don't want people to be able to walk directly into your storage facility from the main road, you should make sure that this building is easy to access with a vehicle, regardless of the weather. This could mean putting down a gravel road leading to it or even paving a path. If you have to move a lot of machinery and large goods, trim back any trees on this path and make sure it's well maintained.

You can also add lighting along this path if you’re inclined, but this isn’t necessary for every storage facility.

7. Better Interior and Exterior Lighting

Interior and exterior lighting are a big deal. This makes it possible for you to navigate the storage during any weather or time of day and also makes it safer for employees who are working on-site.

This lighting can also boost safety since most people will be less likely to try and break into or steal from a well-lit facility that will put them in the spotlight.

8. Small Built-In Restroom

Although this isn't a top priority for most people, it should be! A built-in restroom ensures you can spend time working in this area and reorganizing everything without having to worry about time constraints. A bathroom also provides employees that are helping you have a space to go, so they don't have to drive anywhere for a simple amenity.

This simply needs a sink, a toilet, good lighting, and storage for cleaning materials. Not only will this boost the value of your storage building, but those who work with you will appreciate it.

Your Storage Building Should Be Reliable

Every storage building needs to be as safe as possible for both you and your belongings. Keep all of this in mind when designing your next installation.

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