Top Tips To Find The Perfect Boba Teahouse In San Francisco

Published Dec 20, 2022 

It’s no secret that there is a growing trend for boba tea in the United States. Boba tea is a Taiwanese drink served in a glass with tapioca balls floating on top. This drink originated in Taiwan but has been popularized all over Asia. Boba tea shops are popping up everywhere, and it’s easy to see why this drink is so popular.

You can easily find some teahouses in San Francisco, but you need to ensure you get the real deal. With its unique texture and sweet taste, boba makes for an exciting and refreshing drink. Following are some tips to help you find your new favorite Boba Tea House:

Know Your Type of Boba Tea

There are different types of boba teas. Each boba type has its own unique flavor and texture. For example, milk tea has less sugar than iced milk tea or fruit-flavored milk tea because it contains less milk. Regular boba teas are extra sweet and contain high sugar, so if you are looking for healthier options, find a teahouse that serves low-calorie boba teas or coffee in San Francisco.

Proximity To Your Place

Find a location that's convenient for you. Many people love to visit teahouses during their lunch break. Look for a place that has plenty of seating and easy access. You can find a teahouse near your office and get freshly brewed boba teas at your office or home.

Menu Selection

Check out their menu to see if they have what you're looking for (or if they'll make it). Each boba is different, and you always get freshly brewed boba tea whenever you order it. If you already know what type of boba tea you want, it’s better to find a place that serves it. You can check the menu on their website and either order it or visit the teahouse.

Healthy Options

Regular Boba tea is not healthy. It contains high sugar, which is something you should avoid. However, you can always try the healthier options available in the market. Some teahouses specialize in low-calorie boba tea made using natural zero-sugar sweeteners. They bring an authentic taste without affecting your body.

Bottom Line

If you're on the lookout for a new place to enjoy your favorite beverage, consider heading over to Aura Tea & Coffee in San Francisco. The best part about this teahouse is that they provide healthy boba teas. You can try their non-dairy milk tea if you are vegan or choose one of their zero-sugar tea.