Trending Farmhouse Features for 2022

Trending Farmhouse Features for 2022

Updated Mar 10 

Farmhouses have been in style for over a hundred years: and they're not going away any time soon. With their long-lasting popularity, they've been through several look changes, and 2022 is no different!

In the new year, some shifts in attention are coming, and many farmhouses will benefit from these fantastic changes!

1. Updated and Expanded Decks

Trending Farmhouse Features for 2022

Decks are gorgeous areas where we can relax with our families and enjoy the outdoors while at home: so why not take this further? Many are expanding their decks and creating spaces for specific tasks or interests, from grilling to sunning. This allows these spaces to look unique and purposeful, and with the addition of cable railing for decks, you're able to ensure they're safe as well. Consider updating your stain to a light and warm-toned natural look!

2. Gorgeous Bay Windows

Bay windows are a fantastic addition to any property because they ensure you can get in as much sunlight and gorgeous views as possible without having to open your home to the outside. There are endless bay window ideas for living rooms that can be anything from a reading nook to a lovely area to keep plants.

These can make a home feel infinitely larger even though they only add a couple of square feet to the space of any room.

3. Kitchen Cabinet Molding

Molding goes in and out of style: but it’s back in full swing in early 2022. When you add molding to kitchen cabinets, you allow them to take on new life and give them a fresh face without replacing them. This also allows your ceilings to look higher and updates the entire room.

Make sure to pick a style of molding that suits your home, and seek out a color or texture that you enjoy. If you’re planning on selling your farmhouse, going for a more modern molding can be a great choice to play against the farmhouse look.

4. Beautiful Intricate Wallpaper

Wallpaper is one of those parts of home decor that you either love or hate: and it's coming back in the 2020s. In 2022, wallpapers are heading into more muted tones, with natural colors and delicate patterns. In a farmhouse, this means you can play into the classic farmhouse look, but avoid going for any wallpapers with yellow tones. Although most new wallpaper doesn't yellow, having that in your home can age it. Seek out all kinds of wallpapers, and look for a pattern that speaks to you!

5. Natural Light is Modern Light

The more natural light you can get into your farmhouse: the better. Many homeowners are opting to have windows added in 2022 to allow more light to make its way into their property. This gives every home a fresh look and encourages spaces to look larger and more spacious even if they were cramped beforehand. You can take this further by putting in skylights, or including window walls in your home design. This can be a large project to take on for any DIYer, so it may be a good idea to consider working with a consultant or contractor before starting this project.

6. Siding That’s As Unique as You

The siding on your home is for more than just protection! Although, of course, it blocks out moisture, noise and keeps your insulation safe, it also needs to look attractive so that you can have your dream home.

Seek out steel siding that comes in a style you find attractive. This could mean board and batten, or even shingle-style siding, but look for something you enjoy. You can take this even further with fun colors. The top housing colors in 2022 are warm neutrals and earthy tones. So a nice deep auburn or a citrus color can look wonderful on any modern farmhouse. Fortunately, you can repaint your siding whenever you want, so if you don't like the popular colors of the year, you can change it at any time!

7. Warm and Light Natural Wood

Trending Farmhouse Features for 2022

Wood is a great way to introduce a natural and comfortable look to your home: so do it with a color of wood that's popular! Light natural woods with warm tones will be popular in 2022, giving every space its welcoming and natural look. A light cherry stain can go a long way in unifying the look of your home. If you can, stain all of your home with the same stain to look uniform and cohesive. Although you can have multiple colors in one house, it can quickly look cluttered and messy if not done well.

Your Farmhouse Should Evolve as You Do

Nobody stays the same throughout their entire life; we all go through changes and shifts that make our lives more interesting: so why should your home remain the same forever? Instead of getting stuck in time, consider some of these fantastic farmhouse features to bring it into the modern times. 

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