Trichoderma Viride Biopesticide Application in Agriculture

Trichoderma Viride Biopesticide Application in Agriculture

Published May 20, 2020 

Trichoderma viride is a high-efficiency organic biological agent. It produces antibiotics, nutrient competition, parasitic, cell-wall degradation, enzymes, and induced plant resistance mechanisms, which have antagonism effect on a variety of plant pathogenic fungi. Protection and treatment can effectively control soil spread fungus diseases with dual effect.

Use Trichoderma viride products, which can enhance the survival rate of seedling and transplant, keep the seedlings robust growth. It can also be used to prevent grey mold.

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Features of Trichoderma viride:

1, Through the protection and treatment, can effectively prevent and control root rot, cataplexy, blight, wilt, verticillium wilt, anthrax, and other soil-borne diseases;
2, Improve the soil, break the knot, improve the soil permeability and oxygen supply of the root system;
3. Promote root growth, make crop growth more vigorous and increase crop yield, etc.

Mechanism of Action of Trichoderma viride

1. Competitive effect: Trichoderma viride has a fast growth and reproduction rate, and can quickly absorb and utilize nutrients, water, space and oxygen in the soil, thus worsening the living environment of plant pathogens;

2. Antibiosis: It secretes antibacterial substances to inhibit the growth of plant pathogens;

3. Symbiosis and resistance induction: the co-growth of Trichoderma viride and plant roots activates the plant's internal defense system and improves the plant's disease resistance;

4. Heavy parasitism: Trichoderma viride mycelium will grow, twine and Pierce along the mycelium of plant pathogens and absorb the nutrients in the mycelium of plant pathogens, leading to the death of plant pathogens;

5. Promote plant growth:
1) Increase plant growth and yield.
2) Increase the systemic disease resistance of plants.
3) Increase root growth and tolerance to drought.
4) Increase the absorption of nutrients and the effective use of fertilizers
5) Improve the light and efficiency of plants.
6) Increase the rate and percentage of seed germination.

Attentions of using Trichoderma viride

1.Trichoderma viride is a microbial fungus, mainly saprophytic, which can grow only when the soil has a certain humidity and temperature.
2. It should be used in the soil, and avoid spraying on the stems and leaves;
3. Avoid using chemical pesticides with strong acids and bases as much as possible;
4, Trichoderma itself is harmless to crops, continuous use is better.

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