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Published Jul 27, 2021 in North American Ag  

Based in Abbotsford, is an online grocery shopping platform that offers top-quality fresh, organic, and local farm-to-table products grown and delivered for FREE right across the Lower Mainland.

You can now enjoy a fantastic selection and variety of goods, including seasonal fruits and vegetables, unprocessed, ethically raised meats and seafood, nutritious dairy products and farm-fresh eggs, grains, pantry items, condiments, beverages, liquor, and even pet food from the comfort of your home. You can also filter and search by categories such as plant-based products, ready-to-eat snacks, and specialty ingredients (morel mushrooms, double-yolkers, to name a few).

Best of all, these products are delivered straight to your doorstep. They come right from the source and aren’t shelved or warehoused. By working directly with local farmers and vendors, they’re able to reduce food waste and keep a low carbon footprint. In addition, because food is harvested the day of delivery, farmers know exactly how much they need to harvest or package on any given day.

Not only does make farm-fresh shopping convenient and affordable, but they also help build consumer trust by creating a completely transparent shopping experience. For example, if you order from five farms, you get five different receipts and five different charges on your card direct from each farm. This reinforces the idea that you’re buying direct and truly supporting local communities. also supports local charities through their Food Access Initiative, and empowers First Nations communities by championing Indigenous businesses.

Buy direct and help reduce mass production!

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