Turkey Season is Coming

Published Apr 20, 2018  

If you don't own your own acreage, it can be difficult to find places where you are welcomed to hunt and feel safe.  Public land can feel like a free-for-all.  My experience is speaking from PA and VA, and this year will expand to Ohio as I'm in the midst of moving up there.  Likely, beyond the ethics debate about hunting, landowners that do not wish to grant access probably is a result from a negative interaction with a hunter, neglect to the property, damage to the property, or unauthorized trespassing.  

The point of this post is to remind hunters to respect the land and the landowners which you get permission to hunt on.  We are not getting more places to hunt and we need to preserve the lands that still welcome us.  Be courteous and appreciative of access permission being granted.  Follow the laws.  Don't litter.  Don't race ATV's. Don't rut up soft soil.  Don't drive in crops.  Don't leave gates open.  Don't cut marketable timber.  Don't shoot too close to buildings.  Don't leave screw in steps.

Thanks for listening.