unique technology in ORGANIC AGRICULTURE- invention of Ukrainian scientist

Published Oct 12, 2018 

Dear friends and colleagues! I would like to represent information about unique technology in the sphere of ORGANIC AGRICULTURE, which does not have analogues in the world!!! Who will be interested please contact me for more details (agroexport2015@gmail.com ,   WA,viber, telegram +380633196909)! The technology and products are 100% organic!!!!

Scientific Research Institute of Noospheric Valeology presents its program of planetary ecological safety, inextricably linked with the problem of global warming. Our program returns epigenetic memory to plants, enhances the ability to capture by the plants high-energy photons (significantly increases the photosynthetic efficiency), contributes to the growth rate of chemical processes in the cell at the nanoscale level, that in application plan increases the regeneration of oxygen (О2) and fresh water (Н2О) by plants and disposal of CO2, leads to the reduction of greenhouse effect, significantly increasing crop yields, restores humus and biota in the soil, promotes improvement and remediation of lands.

The result of our technology is noticeable from the first days of their application. Full fertility is restored during one year, undergo full remediation (cleaning) of soils from heavy metals, salts, petroleum, radiation, pesticides, organic residues, including starch and its compounds. A consequence of the above chemical reactions (processes) will be regeneration of О2 and Н2О.

We can offer desperately needed applied programs at the nanoscale for the development of agriculture, planetary environmental safety and other industries. We want to offer cooperation in the exploration and use of molecular SMART technologies at the nanoscale and others micro scales in various industries.

We have received extremely interesting results in the field of applied remediation – reforestation of forests, dead, sick and exhausted soils, water preparation, neutralization in food products pathogenic for human gluten!

Directions of our own investigations are the following:

1. Remediation of soils contaminated by petroleum products;

2. Remediation of soils contaminated by radionuclides!

3. Remediation of soils contaminated by fertilizers!

4. Remediation of soils contaminated with chemical pesticides!

5. Cleaning of soils from other technological processes that pollute soils with heavy metals and chemicals! (restoration of soil that was unsuitable for growing of agricultural products with very low rates and contaminated by oil hydrocarbons, in laboratory studies were obtained in 34 days!)

6. Increase the number of forest biomass, increase of natural regeneration of oxygen, increase of CO2 recycling by the plant world. Photosynthesis moves to a new level that eliminates the threat of global warming!

7. Water preparation – return to water its natural physical properties! As a result, it becomes biologically available to the cells and is increased its solubility coefficient ten times!

8. Gluten free – obtained results for elimination in food products pathogenic for human gluten, which has 42 and 28 chromosomes, as well as new harmful to human derivative gluten by derivatization method!

As a result, intensive soil recovery with rapid build-up of humus, soil transfer under organic farming followed with cultivation of environmentally friendly products! Return to crops epigenome memory, high-quality sustainable photosynthesis with catching of long-photons from young and core executions with a lot of trains. This will result in the further return of quality to food products, internal content, which over the last 20 years according to the results of Swiss research laboratory decreased by 75-95%, while increasing crop yields to maximum genetic indicator!

The author of this technology is Founder and scientific director

of “ Scientific Research Institute of Noospheric Valeology of

Public Health and Human Planetary Environmental Safety”,

Director of Scientific Research Center of the UNESCO Department No.843,

Candidate of Psychological Sciences, Candidate of Historical Sciences,

Academician of NASE (Noospheric Academy of Science and Education),

member of Oxford Academic Union,

award laureate “The Name in Science” (city of Oxford),

author of applied molecular biosmarttechnologies at the nanoscale

for agricultural, forest, water sectors and human planetary ecological safety

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