'Unleash the Beast' Valtra's NEW Q Series

Published Jul 7, 2022 

Laucnh of New Q series (235HP - 305HP) Tractors 

With a tag-line, 'Thinks Like a Pro, Works Like a Beast', Finnish tractor manufacturer, Valtra, has certainly uped the ante with the highly anticipated launch of it’s new Q Series this Autumn. 

The 5 new models (235HP – 305HP) in the Q Series range have been designed, manufactured and built at Valtra’s Suolahti factory in Finland.

This new tractor range will bridge the gap between Valtra’s 5th generation T-Series and S-Series, and will be geared towards large farmers and agri contractors.

Over the years, Valtra, has had an affinity with farmers globally most notably for it’s durability and work horse reputation not to mention the superior dealership backup.

Large scale farmers / agri contractors have been demanding a high spec, medium weight high powered tractor complete with CVT transmission. ‘Ease of Use’ and relatively low running / maintenance costs are also key factors. On paper this new Q-Series seems to fit the high demands of this market niche.

The 5 tractors in the Q-series range increasing in 20hp increments are;

  • The entry level, Q225 – 230hp and 1000Nm;
  • Q245 has 245hp -1100Nm;
  • Q265 has 265hp and 1200Nm;
  • Q285 has 285hp and 1280Nm;
  • and the range topping Q305, has 305hp and 1280Nm

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