Upgrading Home Landscaping on Farmland

Upgrading Home Landscaping on Farmland

Published Apr 18, 2022 

If you live on your farmland, you may feel like you're stuck in the aesthetic of a workable property. This leads to many farmhouses getting underserved when it comes to curb appeal and leaving many farm owners unhappy with their houses themselves.

Instead of just settling for what your home’s exterior looks like, it’s important that you give your property the chance to thrive and look incredible. These are some of the best ways to upgrade your farm’s home landscaping.

Creating Separate and Walkable Spaces

One of the best ways to create a new look for your house is to give it usable exterior space that feels unique from anything else on the property. This could mean things like hardscaping to section off areas for a firepit or a hot tub or using flower beds and trees to create a peaceful sitting area in a garden. Although the main plants you focus on are the ones on your farm, it's okay to invest in your home and allow yourself to have a lovely garden to sit in and enjoy relaxing outside.

Pick flowering plants that match the colors of your home, or that at least don't clash, so that you can make this area feel more at one with the property.

Diverting Water Away From Your Home

Flooding is a major issue that many farmers have to worry about since they live in mostly open and flat spaces. If you want to protect your home the best you can, it’s a good idea to install something like driveway drainage solutions that will pull water away from your home and out from under your vehicles.

Pay attention to where water gathers the most when it rains, and focus on getting that water safely to a ditch or water reservoir.

Playing into the Features of Your Property

What features does your farmland have? Do you have a grove of gorgeous trees? Or is there an awesome stream that makes its way across your land? Take the time to think about how you can get the most out of these spaces aesthetically.

For the grove of trees, if these aren't part of your agricultural income, consider placing shade-loving flowers and shrubs around them. If you have a river through your property, create a comfortable sitting and lounging area outside of its flood zone, or even build a small deck or bridge over it so that you can enjoy fishing in it.

A Low-Cost, High-Value Patio

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to add aesthetic value to your home. Instead, consider installing concrete patio pavers! These pavers give you a solid place to put patio furniture and comfortable outdoor lounging items while also saving the money that would have to go into a wooden deck.

Consider how much room you want your patio to take up and what you'd like out of it. If you don't have much space around your farmhouse, consider making your patio a catch-all, with a small fire pit on it that can double as a grill and other fun features.

These pavers don't take up a lot of space yet give you more exterior room than you could possibly enjoy otherwise.

Creating Shade and Comfort

The summers are getting hotter across the entire country, so it's no surprise that many are avoiding spending time outside due to the heat. Don't let the sun trap you inside! Instead, build structures that have roofs or that can shade from sunlight. Pagodas are an awesome choice since they're visually interesting and can also stop the sun from shining directly on you.

Another option would be something like a gazebo, which is aesthetically gorgeous and gives you the opportunity to enjoy a space dedicated to relaxation. Even if you have a pool or small water feature, building shade to cover portions of it will reduce your risk of sunburn or other unfortunate heat issues.

Landscape and Plants That Help With Moisture

Your landscaping can help fight against extra moisture standing around your property. Consider building landscape drainage systems to help divert more water away or creating something like a rain garden. A rain garden is a mixture of local and native plants that have both shallow and deep roots.

Together, they ensure your soil stays intact and that as much moisture is absorbed as possible. This will keep your soil moist and healthy and will ensure you don't have to stress about the watering or care of these plants as much as you focus on the watering and care of your agricultural work. It's an awesome choice for any property because it also looks fantastic.

No Farmland Property Has to be Ugly

Although some may think that because their home is on a farm, they're limited in options: you can still add a lot of curb appeal to your house regardless of where it is. Try some of these tips, and watch your home have its own glow-up.

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