Why verifying fresh produce users are important?

why OTP is important for agricultural platforms?

Why verifying fresh produce users are important?

Updated May 7, 2022 

e-FRESCO have invented a process to verify suppliers and buyers to increase the authenticity of the suppliers and buyers. 

Due diligence is a process or effort to collect and analyse information before making a decision for fresh produce traders. In this industry trust, reliability , quality and credibility comes first.


The e-FRESCO system provides the option to verify yourself " verified e-FRESCO supplier" through different collective points. 

Each buyer or supplier use e-FRESCO  cross border trading portal  will have a profile  verification process in the profile section.  The process include adding company registration documents, official local export and import licenses, ID or passport, quality certificates, official company addresses, formal website and emails ,  financial statements, references, company profile, membership in local or international agricultural or export association, have  arranged online camera meeting or physical face to face meeting with e-FRESCO team. 

OTP verification 

Why verifying fresh produce users are important?

The OTP is important as e-FRESCO faced many fake users and spammers trying to log to the portal.  One Time Password (OTP) is an automatically generated numeric or alphanumeric string character that authenticates a user for a single transaction or login session.

The one-time password system provides a mechanism for logging on to e-FRESCO platform using a unique password that can be used only once, as its name suggests. 
This prevents some forms of identity theft by ensuring that the captured user name / password pair cannot be used a second time.

OTP Verification verifies Email Address of users by sending OTP verification code during registration, login and contact form submissions. It removes the possibility of users registering with fake Email Address/Mobile Number by enabling OTP Verification. The OTP Verification plugin also checks if Email Address/Mobile Number of a user already exists.

Know Your Customer Verification  

The verification and OTP process is a first step to proceed further to require more information such as KYC ( Know Your Customer ) that requires: 

  • Driver’s license
  • Social security card/number
  • Passport
  • Documents issued by the state or the federal government.

For proof of residence, the following documents can be furnished:

  • Utility bills, such as telephone, electricity, gas, etc.
  • Bank Statement 
  • Employment documents
  • Housing / office contracts and rent agreements

The supplier also will be reviewed by traders in the network. 

There is other services can be provided in soon future that include credit rating and 3rd party quality inspection at site of delivery. 


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