What are the applications of plant growth regulators in pumpkin ?

What are the applications of plant growth regulators in pumpkin ?

Published Oct 12, 2022 

1. Gibberellic acid
Apply 10-20 mg/l gibberellic acid solution to the young fruit of pumpkin at the young fruit stage, once every 5-7 days, 2-3 times in total, which can obviously promote the expansion, maturity and quality.
2. Ethephon
At the stage of 3-4 true leaves of pumpkin, the seedlings were sprayed with 100-200 mg/l NAA solution and sprayed again every 10-15 days, which could inhibit the formation of male flowers, increase the rate of female flowers, and the young melon would bear early, mature early, and increase the yield. Due to the increase of fruits, the supply of assimilating substances is relatively insufficient, which will affect the weight of single fruit. When the water is insufficient, the seed setting rate is low, and the yield cannot be increased. Therefore, watering and fertilization should be appropriately increased.
3. Chlormequat Chloride
In the true leaf stage of 3-4 pumpkins, the seedlings can be cultivated with 100-200 mg/l chlormequat solution. It can also be sprayed with 1000-2000 mg/l butyrylhydrazide leaf surface; Or spray mepium with a concentration of 250-500 mg/l on the leaves; Or use 4-20 mg/L paclobutrazol to drench the vaccine. It has the function of cultivating pumpkin seedlings. After the above growth retardants are applied, water and fertilizer must be sufficient to show their effects. Irrigation the root with 250-500 mg/L chlormequat solution can prevent the overgrowth of pumpkin vines and promote melon formation
4.1- Naphthylacetic acid
During flowering and pollination, use a brush dipped in 100-20 mg/L NAA solution to smear the pistil stigma or receptacle, which can prevent the young pumpkin from falling off, and can also induce the formation of seedless pumpkin.
5. Triacontanol
Spray pumpkin with 0.5 mg/L triacontanol solution. After the first spraying, spray once a week for three consecutive times. It can improve the fruit setting rate
6. Daminozide
Spraying 1000-5000 mg/l butyrylhydrazide solution before flowering of pumpkin can increase reproductive growth period and yield.
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