What are the ten functions of chitosan oligosaccharides(COS) in agriculture?

What are the ten functions of chitosan oligosaccharides(COS) in agriculture?

Updated Apr 7, 2022 

Ten functions of chitosan oligosaccharide
(1) Improve crop disease resistance
(2) Activating the plant's own innate immune system
(3) Improve crop stress resistance
(4) Improve rhizosphere microbial population and inhibit nematodes
(5) Promote crop rooting
(6) Promote the early growth of plants
(7) Increase the yield of crops and improve the quality of agricultural products
(8) Degradation of chemical pesticide residues in plants
(9) Safe and efficient
(10) Fruit and vegetable preservatives

The optimal concentration of chitosan oligosaccharide:

(1) Seed treatment
100ppm seed soaking for 12~24 hours (related to temperature), or 500ppm seed dressing or spraying;
(2) Foliar spraying
50~100 ppm (manual or mechanical sprayer); suitable for flight control, need to increase the concentration;
(3) Underground flushing
The dosage per mu is 15-25 grams of chitosan oligosaccharide;

Best time to use Chitooligosaccharide

(1) Use in the critical period of crop growth, including seed, seedling stage, before and after planting, before flowering, expansion stage or grain filling stage, etc.;
(2) Before the occurrence of adversity or in the early stage of adversity, including frost damage, drought damage, waterlogging damage, disease, etc., more than 1 day before the occurrence.

Onset, validity and duration of chitosan oligosaccharide

(1) Effective time
(2) The validity period is 24-36 hours;
(3) The validity period is more than 7-9 days.

Safety of Chitooligosaccharide

(1) Excessive use will delay the growth of crops in a short period of time, and will recover within a few days, without causing yield reduction and irreversible damage to crops;
(2) Destructive tests on apples show that overuse 5-10 times is still safe for crops
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