What is NBPT?What does it used for?How to use it?Where to get it ?

What is NBPT?What does it used for?How to use it?Where to get it ?

Updated May 18, 2022 

N-Butyl thiophosphoric triamide (#NBPT) is one of the most effective #urease #inhibitors in the world. Nitrogen #fertilizer is the most widely used and most important type of fertilizer in modern agriculture, of which urea accounts for more than 2/3 of the total nitrogen fertilizer.However, urea is quickly decomposed in the #soil by soil urease, which is ubiquitous in the #environment, resulting in the waste of a large amount of nitrogen fertilizer resources, thereby increasing the cost of crop production, and bringing about a series of problems such as soil compaction and #environmental pollution.
Adding urease inhibitor to nitrogen fertilizer is a modern #agricultural #technology developed and promoted internationally in recent years. For example, adding NBPT to urea can make stable fertilizer. NBPT can inhibit the activity of urease, slow down the rate of urea hydrolysis, produce the effect of slow release of nitrogen fertilizer, effectively reduce the waste of nitrogen fertilizer, and synchronize soil fertilizer supply with crop fertilizer demand, thereby The effective utilization rate of nitrogen fertilizer is greatly improved, and crop yield and protein content are increased, secondary top dressing is reduced, and air pollution and nitrogen leaching caused by ammonia volatilization are reduced. At the same time, NBPT itself is non-toxic and has no side effects on the soil. It is naturally degraded into ammonia and phosphorus in the soil, and can also be absorbed by crop roots as a fertilizer.

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