What’s main functions of S-Abscisic acid ?

Published Oct 31, 2018 

Main functions of S-Abscisic acid

S-Abscisic acid is an inhibiting hormone in plants that helps a plant adapt to stress environment. It also plays the vital role in the closure of the leafs stomata, bud development, and seed dormancy.

The hormone not only let the plant to survive throughout times of adversity, but also support the plant in adapting to the ever-changing seasons.

Abscisic acid works inside of a plant in many ways. It causes the plant’s stomata (pores of the plant) to close so the plant will better conserve water in periods of drought.

The hormone also has the power to delay seed germination.Whenever the plant undergoes stress, such as throughout a severedrought, throughout freezing climatic conditions,or if it’s exposed to environmental pollutants, its production of abscisic acid will increase.
When a drought happens, Aba additionally encourages the plant’s roots to additional readily absorb water from the environmental soil.

In autumn, ABA stimulate the plant to goes dormancy and stop producing new growth in preparation for the next cold winter climate.

Other application of S-Abscisic acid

1. Protecting cells from dehydration
2. Root growth
3. Bud dormancy
4. Seed maturation and dormancy
5. Abscission

More application of S-Abscisic acid

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