Why choose Prohydrojasmon?

Why choose Prohydrojasmon?

Updated Apr 1, 2022 in Cycle Plantgrowthregulator  

Prohydrojasmon is a new effective and safety Plant Growth Regulator, it can be used on fruits, like grapes, apples, tomotoes, jujube etc. to advance maturity, make color improvement, increase sugar content.

By combined spraying of gibberellin (GA) and prohydrojasmon (PDJ), the occurrence of peel puffing can be almost reduced by half. The optimum concentrations of GA and PDJ in the spray are 3.3 and 25 ppm.

As a colorant, why choose PDJ?

Prohydrojasmon (PDJ)

Application method:Foliar spray

Dosage: 500~800 dilution

Good Effects:

Make fruit blush earlier and evenly;Advance maturity around 1~2 weeks;Increase sugar content in fruits;Enhance fruit resistance to environmental stress and disease

Bad Effects:Not found

Abscisic acid(s-ABA)

Application method:Fruit spray or dripin low concentration

Dosage:100~400 dilution

Good Effects:Make fruit blush earlier;Advance maturity around 1~2 weeks;

Bad Effects:May cause leaf turn to yellow;May cause harm to grape fruit powder


Application method:Foliar spray

Dosage:2000 dilution

Good Effects:Make fruit blush quicklyAdvance maturity around 1~2 weeks;

Bad Effects: Incorrect dosage may cause soft fruit or falling fruit, storage time is short post harvest

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