Why Green house Agriculture in my opinion is the leading way of source of Income.

Why Green house Agriculture in my opinion is the leading way of source of Income.

Published Aug 9, 2018 

Simply said , the word income is the answer. Though thats not all about it. Agriculture gives the following benefits too which many in the "job" world expect and strive for or companies drive the HR departments to establish. The following are such benefits , namely 

1. Security of work.

- You always have a lot to do. Your/family stomach will be for sure filled. You can always go that extra mile of trying something new and feel a sense of satisfaction. Ofcourse , your land is still yours ( Asset).

2. Lower living costs = More savings.

- You work in your farms in a pretty decent air conditioned or not so harsh climate as outdoor agriculture weather. Still your family can stay in a decent town nearby for educating your kids. Say upto 70kms commute is also nothing in todays Automotive potential and improvised road conditions. Weekend farm house visits for family will be a cost less entertainment with learning and interaction with your farm workers. A feel of belongingness for free. All these will cost you around 50% of your costs in any city you work for anyother company. So even with returns of 50% of your present salary is also giving you and your family the same lifestyle. More over dont forget you have time for your parents and freinds too. 

3. Full work life Balance. 

- You work for yourself with advise of experts and also its not divine complex when you compare to Java or C++. There is nothing you can do after 18 hrs as plants will keep smiling at you. 

4.  Give something for next generation.

- Next generation needs more of their own sustinence. With increasing costs and increasing Automation of various jobs it might be difficult to find a job for everyone, where by people might have to flee the cities as they cannot any more pay the houses or lifestyle they saw as kids. Will the hunger go away because we have Artificial intelligence working for us? 

5. All the education & freedom to choose. 

Agreed all also would not be interested to be a agriculturists. Touch upon point 1 again as security , it gives you a lot more relaxed way of doing what ever next generation wants to do. May be still , it will be there as  second source of Income. 

6. Educated farming : 

The hard educated people dont mind to work hard again as its their own benefit. 

Final question : Can we get the same in our "job" world today ?