Why magnesium is important for grape?

Mg physiological effect

Why magnesium is important for grape?

Published Jul 4, 2018 

Magnesium’s effect is essential for grape,it can be called “a large number of elements” for grapes,and the demand is simliar to phosphorus.Even the magnesium content of grape leaves is higher than that of phosphorus.It is directly involved in physiological and biochemical processes such as photosynthesis and enzyme activation of grapes,and is one of the mineral elements necessary for normal growth and development of grapes and improvement of fruit quality.

Chlorophyll synthesis and photosynthesis

Magnesium accounts for 2.7% of the molecular weight of chlorophyll.It is the central atom of chlorophyll a and chlorophyll b porphyrin ring in chloroplasts and plays an important role in the synthesis and photosynthesis of chlorophyll.

In the absence of magnesium,the chloroplast structure of the grape was destroyed,the number of basal particles decreased,the number of thylakoids decreased,photosynthesis was affected,and the leaves were chlorotic yellow.

Plant physiological metabolism

Plants are constantly undergoing various physiological metabolic activities.Almost all metabolic processes require magnesium ions to regulate and activate enzymatic reactions,such as photosynthesis,sulfate reduction,respiration,glycolysis.They all rely on magnesium to activate.

In addition,the lack of magnesium in the crop causes protein synthesis to be blocked,and at the same time it will intensify the induction of membrane lipid peroxidation and accelerate the senescence of plant leaves.

Participate in grape growth

Grape plants need more magnesium.The photosynthesis of grapes,the conversion of phosphorus,the formation of pectin substances and vitamin A,and the elimination of the harmful effects of excess calcium are all inseparable from the participation of magnesium.The right amount of magnesium can promote grape shoots and leaves.Root growth,stable organ structure.

Improve the yield and quality of grapes

Magnesium can promote photosynthesis,strengthen carbon dioxide fixation and dry matter accumulation,which is an important factor affecting the formation of grape quality.The lack of magnesium in grape plants directly leads to the grape fruit being smaller,the sugar content is low,the berry color is poor,the maturity period is delayed,and the yield is reduced.

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