You want #Rice?

Coats GroAloe Rice field in Indonesia

You want #Rice?

Published Jun 11, 2018  

In Indonesia the average yield of rice about 4 tons per hectare due to hundreds of years of farming and over use of fertilizers and chemicals.  The GroAloe fields are producing 8 tons per hectare. 

Newly published reports show that the soil has a balanced pH and the natural ecosystem of the soil has returned.  The plants a healthier stronger and able to withstand many of the pathogens and insects that are normally found in rice.  The reports also show that rice grains tested had little or no chemical residue.  Healthier plants, higher quality grain and higher yield.

Imagine what this could mean for many third world countries?

Though we do not expect modern conventional farms to double their yields, we do expect to see a 10% increase in yields by treating the seeds before planting and a 30% overall in yield with a reduction in fertilizer and other chemical cost.

Seeing is believing, so give GroAloe a try.  I will send you a free sample so that you can try on a small 5'X5' or 10'X10' area so that you can witness it for yourself.

We are not just about rice.  GroAloe works with all cereal crops, fruit and who knows what else.  We are only getting started.

Thanks your taking the time to read my article.