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Brian German

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Brian German Fresno, CA
Apr 2, 2021
A group of industry organizations and lawmakers are calling for reinstatement of the Organic Livestock and Poultry Practices Final Rule as demand for organic products continues to rise.

Categories: Beef, Specialty Livestock, Ag Policy

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Mark Smith Cumberland City, TN
Apr 2, 2021

Points to consider regarding organic certification: a few years back I literally lived a few miles from the country's oldest organic association. I made many friends, and learned a great deal, including the business side of the organic community. Aside from the politics of the article which seem to imply that re-instating this simply because someone else would not isn’t generally a logical course of action. I would like to share a few points about organic certification which was not discussed in the article but should be considered when voting on this topic:

#1 - the main reason given by the USDA four certifying organic is to charge a premium price.

#2 - the certification has a cost share that is ultimately funded by tax dollars as it comes from the federal government.

Food for thought: consider the possibility that we are paying tax dollars for wholesome food to be pushed even further beyond the realm of affordability (due to this taxpayer funded certification) by those who could benefit most from it. Is there another way, or should organizations promoting organic be more up front about organic marketing and the business side of organic?

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