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100-story, skyscraper greenhouses and tireless robot farmers help solve World Hunger By 2099, predicted Futurologist Timothy Donohue

By 2099, hunger will no longer plague this world. Future generations of smiling children with full stomachs will thank 100-story, skyscraper greenhouses and tireless robot farmers that work 24x7 to cultivate vast fields of arable land. Other advances will include floating farms the size of Yellowstone Park in the mid-Pacific and squadrons of flying robot bugs that zap all crop-eating bugs. When this future arrives, world hunger will be eradicated and hundreds of millions of lives will be saved.

Futurologist Timothy Donohue predicts that by 2099, thousands of 100-story skyscraper farms will be built throughout the world near coastlines after desalination techniques are perfected. Fortunately, architectural designs will allow significant amounts of sunlight to pierce deep into the skyscraper greenhouses.

Photo: Skyscraper greenhouses will play a key role in eliminating hunger later this century (Credit: PRNewsFoto/Key4hope)