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Christopher Keen Plano, TX
7 months ago
GroAloe is not a phytosanitary product  but, when we treated infected Cocoa trees with Vascular Dieback Disease VSD and Black Pod Rot, we found that not only did the trees treated with GroAloe were able to fight off the disease but it also repelled the moth that spreads the bacteria to the trees.
The result were that trees treated with GroAloe showed signs of recovery in three days and in 22 days the trees began to produce flower buds and leafs.  These trees have not produced in 5 years or have had limited production, now they produce more than when they were healthy.
The chemical companies in involved in the initial Cocoa tree test walked away because they had little or no effect on the trees.

A year after treatment the Cocoa trees which produce two crop cycles are now continuously producing cocoa pods.  We however recommend at least a minimum of continuous treatment to guarantee effectiveness against the bacteria or fungus due to the fact that the vector insect causing the plague is still present. 

GroAloe does not kill insects.  We think that natural properties in our product makes it undesirable for insects.  Because you do not spray GroAloe during the flowering cycle of the plant or tree due to flower loss, our product will not interfere with bee pollination.  Though we are still in the research process to understand how this is accomplished.

We truly believe that GroAloe will radically change farming as we know it, and improve the quality and quantity of crops.

If you have any questions regarding our product, I will be more than happy to send you information regarding our product and tests results.

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Christopher Keen
Christopher Keen