Apr 26, 2021
in Conservation

Categories: Ag Policy, Conservation Plans

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Mark Smith Cumberland City, TN
Apr 29, 2021

#FoodForThought and #Conservation: What impact will a reduction in farmland have in the face of a growing population when we would actually require more - Some estimates are that food production must double by 2050 ( Has a risk assessment been made that would compare and contrast which would negatively impact human health more - a reduction in food supply or an increase in CO2, and which solution is most realistically attainable? "The IPCC scenarios that come in below 2C require BECCS to remove between 2 and 10 gigatons of CO2 a year from the atmosphere by 2050. By way of comparison, all the world's oceans combined absorb about 9 gigatons a year; all the world's terrestrial carbon sinks combined absorb about 10 gigatons a year. ( There are no easy answers regardless of ones view, and I do not propose that any answer is right or wrong (though I admit I have concluded food security is the greatest threat). We must, however, look at every variable when we have conservation discussions, as conservation includes health and welfare.

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