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Larry Smith Reed Point, MT
3 years, 7 months ago
from Cover Crops
Is the 31 days of cover crops still going on? I've been waiting forever it seems for the snow to melt (its been on the ground for I think well over a month, and plenty of it, especialy in drifting with all the winter winds we have) I long to see how my cover crops of annual rye and winter rye are doing and get some photo's. The annual rye has been several years since I put the seeds out, just needed a good fall for germinating it I guess, it is on the hill behind the house, should give a good feeding to the wheatgrass on there and fill in the bare spots by tilling the soil with the ryegrass's roots for seeds from the wheatgrass to sprout, maybe even soon after the rye is done I will see some of the clover cover crops or trees/bushes from seeds I put out. The winter rye is just in the garden, just got it seeded and half covered in sawdust/half covered in barley straw to see which sprouts it and grows it better before the snow hit, I'm also very much hoping the goat manure under the seeds is well enough decomposed to avoid burning the seeds. I've already got perinnial ryegrass established on my old gravel pit/with the aid of aquaponics to keep it going and revegetating.
AgFuse Administrator Blenheim, SC
3 years, 7 months ago from Cover Crops

Hi Larry, we finished up the "31 days of cover crops on Jan 1". However, we had such a good response to this event that we will probably repeat the contest sometime here in the near future. Thanks again for your support!

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