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John Bock Conroe, TX
2 years, 12 months ago
from Cover Crops
At the Lathrop Ag Experiment Station in NW Missouri in the 40's they reported a system of spring wheat followed by volunteer annual lespedeza to be successful over many years. Anyone familiar with this work? Specifically:
-how did they avoid the buildup of soil borne pathogens planting the same crops in the same fields every year?
-what field prep was done for the wheat? for the Lespedeza?
-Why can't I grow lespedeza in SE Texas, the crabgrass just smothers it. I read that lespedeza is best suited to follow a clean tillage crop like corn or cotton. Is wheat a clean tillage crop?
This all boils down to whether you have to rotate your cover crops to avoid eventual cover crop failure, "clover sickness". If so, how did they do this in Missouri?