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"The Almond Board has tools available to help growers with managing irrigation. In this week’s Almond Update, Senior Manager, Irrigation and Water Efficiency, Spencer Cooper tells us about the irrigation continuum."

we are a start up based in Manchester and we are developing a high throughput high speed nut quality. initial development is for almond nuts. we have developed a prototype which uses, high precision quality check algorithm which uses AI/ML capabilities and gives you 86% accuracy of defects from your final quality. including FM, shells, hulls, insect damage, splits, stick, chip and scrach being some if them. we are interested to know if this is of interest and anyone would like to test it for free. this will also help us to increase the accuracy levels. we can handle close to 1 tonnes of kernels per hour . please visit our website and contact us if this is of interest to you. www.nutsquality.com[br][br]feedback on our development for nut quality report