Jay Parsons

Jay Parsons

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Jay Parsons Lincoln, NE
Jul 13, 2021
Join us for a webinar on Jul 20, 2021 at 7:00 PM CDT.

The Skills and Principles of Managed Grazing on Improved Pastures

Presenter: Woody Lane, Ph.D., Lane Livestock Services
Dr. Jay Parsons, Department of Agricultural Economics, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Let's say you have a flock of 125 ewes in early lactation, all raising twins. You want to move them into a 3-acre field of improved fast-growing pasture. Question: How long can your flock graze in that field? Or a similar question: How many acres do you need to graze those sheep for 5 days? Or another question: How many inches of grass will a ewe eat each day to meet her nutrient requirements?

This webinar will give answers to these questions and more. We'll focus on "Managed Grazing" -- the knowledge of how forages grow combined with the skills of moving sheep, estimating intake, balancing the needs of forages and sheep, and managing pastures by grazing sheep in sustainable and efficient ways. We'll describe how to decide when to open the gate, when to move sheep off the paddock, and practical tips about stocking density, electric fences, weed control, gate latches, the grazing wedge, and a new way of describing grazing systems. Basically, we'll describe how to manage improved pastures to capture sunlight efficiently and profitably. Join us for a very interesting session.

This webinar is made possible with funding support from the American Sheep Industry Association.


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Categories: Grass-Fed Livestock, Specialty Livestock

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