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Production of Bovine Meat in Vietnam – Opportunities for Exporting Thai Livestock

Author: Dang Xuan Phi

Publisher: FFTC-AP

With the increased demand for meat of bovine animals (beef and buffalo meat), Vietnamese producers need to be more strategic in their plans in order to be proficient to supply local demand. They also need to compete with foreign imports. Quantity of bovine meat per capita in Vietnam increased yearly by level of consumption. The Vietnam livestock industry has many weaknesses from production to marketing.

According to Chartsbin, Vietnam is on the world’s top 15 in terms of quantity of meat production as well as consumption. It annually produces 3.6 million tons and consumes 4.1 million tons of meat (every year, Vietnam must import meat to meet local demand). In terms of per capita consumption, Vietnam is at a low - average level of about 50 kg/person/year. However, compared to other countries in Southeast Asia, Vietnam is the second largest country with per capita meat consumption, followed by Malaysia (52.3 kg) and significantly higher than Philippines (33.6 kg), Thailand (25.8 kg) and Indonesia (11.6 kg).

Among the variety of meat types, pork, beef and poultry are considered important meats. Currently, Thailand has the potential for breeding and bovine feedlotting and processing. The country has the opportunities to export more bovine meat to the Vietnam market.

Illustration Photo: Feeding chickens in Vietnam (Credit: Paro Nguyen/Flickr CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)
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