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Design and Fabrication of a House-Hold Instant Noodles Making Machine using Cassava Dough

Author: C. C. Eze

Journal Title: American Journal of Engineering Research

Publisher: American Journal of Engineering Research

An affordable instant noodles making machine was designed and fabricated using locallysourced materials. The rolls were arranged in two pairs, one positioned upand having 5 mm gap between rolls to receive the incoming prepared cassava dough materials. The material rolling proceeds down into the second pair, also having the same gap between the rolls and installed directly below the upper pair. Roll 3, one of the lower pair was grooved to effect both shape forming and shredding of the dough, exiting slender noodles. Two V-belt-pulley systems were used for motion transmission to the rolls via four gears, powered by a 4.2 horse power electric motor. Every complete revolution of the lower pair of rolls exited 146 g of noodles. The38 kg machine cost was valued at N20,000 Nigerian Naira, an equivalent of $50 USD only

Photo: The noodle making machine assembly (wire view) (Credit: C. C. Eze)
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