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Kosona Chriv

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Brief history of Eucalyptus breeding in Brazil under perspective of biometric advances

Authors: Carla Aparecida de Oliveira Castro, Rafael Tassinari Resende, Leonardo Lopes Bhering, Cosme Damião Cruz

Journal Title: Ciência Rural

Publisher: Universidade Federal de Santa Maria

Forest breeding is a science that has been developing in Brazil since 1941 being the Eucalyptus a highlighted genus in this scenario. In a global scene, Brazil is displayed prominently in productivity of Eucalyptus planting, due to favorable environmental conditions to cultivation development, and the incentive in research for improvement of traits of interest t observed in it species and hybrids. This research included a historical review of Eucalyptus breeding over the years under genetic biometric perspective in Brazil, from reports describing the pioneer planting up to the current genome wide selection (GWS) that came as a complement of forest breeding success. This review showed some of the tracks performed by researchers aiming to improve the productive and quality of phenotypic traits from Eucalyptus genus.

Illustration Photo: Forest of eucalyptus (Public Domain from Pixabay.com)
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