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Vietnam Sustainable Coffee Plan Till 2020 and Vision to 2030

Authors: Tran Cong Thang and Vu Huy Phuc

Publisher: FFTC-AP

The main objective of Vietnam’s sustainable coffee plan and vision is to build Vietnam's coffee sector development toward modernization, consistency, sustainable and highly competitive, with diversified products, high quality, provide high added value, and improve the incomes of farmers and their respectives enterprises.

Objective to 2020:

Stable coffee plantation area of about 600,000 hectares, including 80% of the application process for sustainable coffee production; yield: 2.7 tons/ha, the total production of 1.6 million tons / year; the volume of 1 ha of coffee per capita reached 120 million;
Increase the rate of wet coffee processing from 10% to 30%; proportion of instant coffee, ground coffee to reach 25% yield;
Total annually export value to reach 3.8 to 4.2 billion USD.

Illustration Photo: Coffee plantation in the Vietnamese Central Highlands (Credit: Joe Coyle/Flickr CC BY-NC 2.0)
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