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Kosona Chriv

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Malaysian Floriculture Industry Development Policy

Authors: Nik Rozana Nik Mohd Masdek and Noorlidawati Ab Halim

Publisher: FFTC-AP

Malaysia is home to a wide variety of plants species. Located in the tropics, it is one of the most diverse floristic regions in the world. Thus, Malaysia has the advantage of developing and advancing its floriculture industry which could generate decent income to producers and traders and contribute to the national income. Floriculture production value recorded an increase of 23.3%; from RM 417 million (US$101 million) to almost RM 514 million in the last five years (2011-2015), in line with the increase in acreage planted within the same period. Exports reached 108 metric tons in 2012 which was considered high, but experienced a slight decline in the following years until 2014. However, Malaysia is still ranked among the top ten exporting countries in the world for floriculture products. Among its major export destination countries are Japan, Australia and Hong Kong.

Illustration Photo: Orchids at the Penang Botanic Gardens in Malaysia (Public Domain)
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