Kosona Chriv

Kosona Chriv

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  • Cambodia, Phnom Penh, Phnom Penh
Launch on Kickstarter, Wellpure Water Treatment System™ used latest breakthroughs in Nanotechnology to treat water without chemicals or electricity

Significant savings in water and fertilizer; Uses no chemicals or electricity, produces no waste; Wellspring Water Technologies seeks $25,000 to bring Home Garden Unit to market.

In studies conducted to date, plants watered with Wellpure treated water at 50% of normal irrigation quantities showed superior yields to a control group of plants watered with untreated water at 100% of normal irrigation quantities. Similar savings have been seen in studies evaluating the system's effect on fertilizer use. Importantly, for areas of the country where ground water sources contain high concentrations of certain salts that can be harmful to crops, the Wellpure Water Treatment System™ has demonstrated the ability to dissolve and flush these harmful salts down below plant root zones.

Photo: The Wellpure Home Garden Version (PRNewsFoto/Wellspring Water Technologies)
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