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Maschio Gaspardo De Witt, IA
Dec 14, 2021
ARTIGLIO has the classic "wave"-shaped frame construction that delivers excellent soil flow even when dealing with a lot of residues, thus avoiding blockages. The high ground clearance of 33.8 inches allows the 1,4 inches-thick tines with tungsten carbide coated tips and wings to work the soil down to a depth of up to 21.6 inches.
It's a perfect fit for medium-large farmers requiring working widths ranging from 8.2 ft with 5 tines to 16.4 ft with 11 tines.
The robust construction of the implement means you can work with complete peace of mind on even the toughest soils.
#growingtogether, #maschio, #soilhealth
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Categories: Corn, Soybeans, Wheat

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