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Mike Wandzell Merced, CA
Aug 27, 2021
In California, The State Water Efficiency and Enhancement Program, or SWEEP, is a grant to help improve water systems and reduce greenhouse gases for growers. This year, growers can get up to $200,000 for a field to upgrade to soil moisture monitoring systems, add drip systems, do pump retrofits, add a variable frequency drive and even install renewable energy to reduce on-farm water use and energy.

I have spent months listening to Zoom meetings and learning about the program to make sure our customers can get the funding for this program. The cool thing about it is that you can put up just a little bit of money and have the rest of it paid for.

If you live in California and want to know more about the program, you can message me. I work at Agri-Valley Irrigation in Fresno. We can start getting you set up that way you can have the paperwork ready to submit for the program in October.


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Categories: Irrigation, Telemetry, Conservation Plans

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