Stuart Tanner

Stuart Tanner

  • United States, WI, Sturtevant
Stuart Tanner Sturtevant, WI
Jun 9, 2016
How many farmers have problems with Standing Water? Its impossible to remove it all because even water troughs are standing water and your cattle / goats / horses / poultry need to drink.

We have a solution to the problem of Mosquitoes on your farm, everybody has been talking about the impact of #ZikaVirus on your family, but what about your livestock? Has anybody talked about what impact it might have? The truth is there is zero research, but unlike us humans nobody seems to care!

Well Natures Enzymes care. We have developed a product called Mosquito Free Water this is a 100% natural product that is safe for all animals and fish alike. This product works in a simple way, it removes the surface tension from the water, Mosquitoes and other arthopods need this water skin to land and breed, without it they drown. We are registered with the EPA and our product is exempt under 25(b) FIFRA.

This product is not only for Zika, but all diseases like West Nile Virus and Malaria carried by these pests.
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