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Nicole Otte


  • United States, CA, Thousand Oaks
Nicole Otte Thousand Oaks, CA
Jun 25, 2021
What is sustainable farming? Sustainable agriculture is farming in sustainable ways meeting society's present food and textile needs, without compromising the ability for current or future generations to meet their needs. Our old school farmers are retiring and passing on their land to their children and the younger generations. With this transfer of land we are encountering the problem of commercial and residential development. The younger generation is selling off land to large developers who are using this prime farming land to build houses and strip malls. We are losing our farmland and need to look towards new methods of farming to become more sustainable in our agriculture.
With traditional farming there are many elements that play a factor in the production and success of our food. Climate change plays a huge factor as well as soil composition. With all our prime farmland being built on we are losing our most valuable and nutrient rich soil. With indoor farming these factors can be controlled with CEA (controlled environment agriculture). We solve the climate change issue with our on-site Solar Micro-Grid Smart Power Technology with Building Integrated Photovoltaics. The chemical and nutrient composition can be controlled in the water provided to the plants via hydroponics. These are the problems that not only we face but that our children will be faced with if we don't act now.
With the utilization of solar energy AGRONOMICS can be self-sustaining by powering the processing plant, the farm and the cold storage facilities, all within proximity to one another, with its own power. Being able to control these components means that distribution remains consistent, the facility in a whole is always with the proper amount of power and costs are lowered along with our carbon footprint.
Indoor vertical farming is still a relatively new method of farming aside from mushrooms, which have been produced in a CEA for hundreds of years. AGRONOMICS is looking to solve the issue of sustainability in indoor farming because whether we want to admit it or not it is the future of agriculture. It is not meant to replace traditional farming methods but to work hand in hand with traditional farmers to solve the food crisis.

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