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Updated May 17
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Today Chrissy Wozniak is sitting down with Ben Blackwell, East Coast Sales Territory Manager for MASCHIO GASPARDO, North America. With over 24 years of experience in the agriculture industry, Ben brings great insight to the ins and outs of equipment sales, the current market, and more!

MASCHIO GASPARDO Group is a leading International Group in the production of equipment for tillage, seeding & planting, fertilization, crop protection, green maintenance and haymaking. MASCHIO GASPARDO is known for providing North American producers with equipment that gets the job done and is built to last. Browse their equipment catalogue here:

112 3rd Avenue East 52742 DeWitt IA United States of America
mobile: 5633433316 phone: +1 563 6596400

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Categories: Precision Agriculture, Agribusiness

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Hey Chrissy, This was a great interview. Good job Ben from @Maschio Gaspardo I had no idea Maschio had such a wide range of equipment.

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