"When feral or shy cats arrive at the county shelter, we have to consider non-traditional adoption placement. Placing these cats in barn homes or other safe buildings will save their lives as they have no where else to go from the county shelter.

"The Humane Society of Marlboro County believes these kitties don’t deserve to die simply because they can’t go into a typical home environment. We recognize that they deserve shelter, access to food and water, and the stimulation of “critter hunting” that a barn placement provides.

"Barn cats will be sterilized and vaccinated then adopted to farmers/residents who appreciate ‘working cats’ for critter patrol and can provide a safe, appropriate environment such as a barn, stable, garage, or warehouse, daily food and water and medical care if needed. There is no adoption fee.

"The Barn Cat Program is a win-win for both the cats and adopters! Cats enjoy safe outdoor homes with shelter and a caregiver, and adopters enjoy having healthy, sterilized cats happily tend to their mouse, snake, or vermin troubles.

"If you are interested in adopting a Barn Cat, please call the Marlboro County Shelter at (843) 479-1756 or come by for a visit at 242 Ag Street, Bennettsville, SC during their open hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: 1:00-4;00 PM or Saturday 12:00-3:00 PM. Or email Sandra at sandramatthews_29615@yahoo.com."

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Pee Dee Crop Producer Reports
Pee Dee Crop Producer Reports