cover cropping with triticale ,hairy vetch and cow peas late fall?

Published Oct 18, 2020  

Looking at planting triticale with hairy vetch and cow peas for a cover crop next year for a cash crop or corn to be planted late May 2021 using a roller crimper to terminate the cover crop before plant. It’s October 18th, I won’t be able to plant until the 22nd. Night time temps have fluctuated from mid 30s to high 20s no consistency yet. Some nights stay closer to 40. Highs are in the 70s and 80s. Am I too late for any of my covers? Any suggestions on planting rates? Will triticale terminate properly if I follow the method used for Rye, waiting until the entire field is dropping pollen?

1 Answer

By Jerry Smith
Oct 19, 2020