Do crops need more sulfur now than we have historically thought?

Published Mar 20, 2020 

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By Anonymous Member

Since most university nutrient recommendations were established prior to catalytic converters becoming commonplace, do you feel that sulfur fertilizer is needed in a greater amount than what is being suggested based on older recommendations?

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Anonymous Member
Mar 20, 2020  

Categories: Corn, Agribusiness, Cover Crops

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1 Answer

By Jerry Smith
Published Mar 20, 2020 

I thought this was an interesting read: “Factors Affecting Increased Need for Calcium, Magnesium and Sulfur.” Like you suggested, the resource discusses catalytic converters as well as other factors like government restrictions on coal-burning furnaces. All of these changes add up, causing less sulfur in the atmosphere so less sulfur coming back to our soil. So, I think keeping all of this in mind when looking at older recommendations is valuable.