What effects will the coronavirus have on ag commodity markets?

Published Mar 17, 2020 

Regarding agricultural commodity markets, what effects do you think COVID-19 will have in the short-term? And, what effects do you predict in the long-term?

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Steve Hanks Thomasville, GA
Mar 17, 2020

Categories: Marketing

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1 Answer

By Rick Foster
Published Mar 19, 2020 

Unfortunately, I think we’re in for some rough times ahead. I think livestock markets, in particular, will continue to get hit hard. Here’s an article that I appreciated.

“Most market observers agree that once the panic selling subsides there will be a tremendous relief rally in all the commodity markets, in large part due to pent up demand. However, the markets have to bottom first, and the COVID-19 cases will need to start to slow down in the U.S. and globally before that will happen.”